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Horseman of the Year 

This award will be given to one WNYQHYCI member that displays leadership, sportsmanship, and responsibility.  And most importantly; courtesy, kindness, and respect toward others.

To be eligible for this award you must submit an essay of what impact horses have had on your life, what your experiece with this club and horses have taught you, and what they mean to you.

A few members from the board of directors will read and grade your essay on a range of 1%-50%.
 The other 50% will be judged by a selected panel of judges that will grade you on a scale of 1%-50% on the 
level of leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, courtesy, kindness, and respect that they have seen you portray throughout the year.

Essays will be due no later than November 11th. Please put your name on a cover sheet, NOT the actual essay.  This will keep your essay anonymous to the judges.  (Jenna will give your essay a # to know who you are.) Give to Jenna Striffler or mail to her at 7717 Rochester Road Gasport, New York 14067