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Frequently Asked Questions
This page is designed for the members and parents as a quick reference and "how to" page.  This is to help answer the most common questions and hopefully help guide you through a successful season.  Any questions that you cannot find an answer to?..........Do not hesitate to contact a Youth Advisor.
  • Q. How old does my child have to be to be a member of the WNYQHYCI? 
  • A. Any child that is 18 years or younger as of January 1st of the current calendar year is eligible for membership.
  • Q. How does my child join?
  • A. For a child to become a member of the youth club they must be a member of the main club with a family membership.  It is important to list the names and birth dates, on the WNYQHCI membership application of the youth members that want to be added to the youth club's membership list.  
  • Q. What kind of Activities does the Youth Club participate in?
  • A. The activities vary a little each year.  But the Youth Club holds a horse show of their own in the month of June, tries to go on a field trip each year, awards are given at the yearend banquet, and we have several fundraisers.  Each year a "Horseman of the Year" is awarded, and 3 "princesses" are crowned.  We also offer "5-Star" testing.  (More info on all of these things can be found on the web). The best way to keep up on club activities is to be an active member, join committees, and attend meetings.
  • Q. What kind of classes/categories get awards?  And what types of shows need to be attended?
  • A. Awards are given to youth members that show in either AQHA registered shows and Open shows. (A member can only receive an award in one division.)  For the AQHA shows it is divided into age groups and novice. The open shows are divided into catergories.  for more detailed information , look to your "Agreement Form".
  • A. What are the requirements to receive a Year End Award?
  • Q. An "Agreement Form" must be signed by the youth member and their parent (you can find this online).  This form states that you read and understand the requirements to receive year end awards.  The requirements are simple.  The youth member must attend a minimum of 4 monthly meetings and participate in at least two fundraisers to recieve Youth Club Awards.  The parent (or family member) of the youth must attend 4 monthly main club meetings for the youth to recieve awards from the main club.  You may attend just Youth Club or Adult and receive awards from that particular club, but if you attend 4 meetings of Youth Club and Main club you will receive Awards from both clubs.  The Fundraisers available to do each year are: bringing a raffle basket to the annual banquet, the spring flower sale, or the Yankee candle sale in the fall.  Other fundraisers throughtout the year sometimes apply to fieldtrip accounts, in this event, it will be made clear at the meetings.  If the member is participating in open show events, they must also turn in the proper paperwork on time.  (The open show results form can be found online.)  
  • Q. Is there a difference in the requirements from the main club and the youth club to earn year end awards? 
  • A. Yes!  The Youth Club hands out their own set of awards that are completely funded through our fundraising. The main club also awards youth members for their accomplishments at the yearend banquet.  In order to qualify for main club awards, you must also comply with thier set of requirements. The only basic requirement is that the memmbers, or its parent, recieve 4 monthly main club credits.  (For more information on main club award, look to the by-laws.)
  • Q.  Are there any special requirements that go along with the 5-star test?
  • A. Yes and No.  Each member that passes a level will recieve a certificate or of completion at the yearend awards banquet.  However, to receive this award "with distincton", The member must make any type of donation to our "Good Will" recipient. We choose a different organization each year.  Those who make a donation will recieve a trophy along with a certificate of completion.  Look to the 5-star page for more information.
We hope this page was helpful to you, as well as our website. We will try our best to keep it updated.  Please remember to contact a Youth Advisor if you have an futher questions.